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Sober Living


Sober living homes are residences inhabited by people recovering from substance abuse. Typically, these homes serve as a transitional environment between residential rehab and the future of living independently. A sober community appeals to recovering addicts who need to have a safe and supportive living situation before they are ready to return to their homes; it allows them extra time to adjust to independent living once released from rehabilitation. Those who are freshly released from treatment are not always prepared to revisit their old lives, a life full of temptation. New York offers an abundance of sober living communities to choose from. Take some time to research transitional living and find one that is best for you.


Who Would Benefit from a Sober Community?

  • People who have recently completed rehab who have a need for continued structure and support
  • Addicts who need closely monitored drug testing
  • People who feel temptation is too great to live independently
  • Those who don’t have a residence to go to after completing residential treatment
  • People who don’t have a family and friends support network to rely on
  • Those who need a reasonably priced, alcohol and drug-free environment while they search for a job or attend school


What to Expect in Sober Living?

One of the major benefits of sober living in New York and other locations is an addict always has people surrounding him or her dealing with the same challenges; there is someone to talk to. Counselors also are typically available, they are there to supervise residents, enforce the rules, and are an ear when someone needs an empathetic and understanding person to talk to.

On the other hand, a resident in a sober home is given the chance to offer support to others. This relationship is beneficial for everyone involved, as it allows addicts to hold themselves accountable for their actions. Being altruistic and helping others, without expecting personal gain, enhances self-esteem, restores confidence, reduces stress and anxiety, and increases overall happiness.

By participating in a group environment in New York and other locations, sober living residents hold each other accountable and confront one another when responsibilities and commitments are not being met. Since this is a peer group atmosphere, and everyone in the group is expected to maintain sobriety, any sign of a slip or possibility of relapse will be brought to the forefront.

Everyone in the home is expected to follow a pre-determined set of rules. These rules are in place to protect all the residents and to foster an enjoyable living environment. Typically these rules typically include:

  • No alcohol or drug consumption
  • Cigarettes are only to be smoked in designated smoking areas
  • Sexual relationships with other residents are often not permitted
  • Fees must be paid on time
  • Respect the property and other residents
  • Adhere to curfew


What are the Benefits of Sober Living?

Sober living provides numerous benefits for those who abide by the rules and are serious about maintaining long-term recovery. Not only does it ease addicts back into a world of temptation, but it provides them with a solid network of support, allows them easy access to meetings, teaches them financial responsibility, provides a peaceful environment free of substance abuse, and boosts overall self-confidence.

Sober communities found in New York, as well as across the nation are highly recommenced once an addict has been released from treatment. Addiction is no easy battle to overcome and there is no such thing as a quick fix, but there are tools that can be utilized to ease this recover process. Sober living communities are vital tools for those who are serious about sobriety, yet still need that extra support. Help others help themselves while also boosting your chances of sustained abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol.